Mark Fingerhut

Mark Fingerhut

Pratt Institute
BFA 2015

Royal College of Art
MA 2024

Solo Exhibitions

2023     SULK, "Halcyon.exe: The Ride", Chicago, IL

2023     Public Works Administration, "Halcyon.exe: The Ride", New York, NY

2020     LOVE, "Complete Respect", New York, NY

2019     Mery Gates, "Do Not Follow Me For I Am Lost", New York, NY

2016     Superchief, "Liam's Local Variables", New York, NY

Group Exhibitions

2023     Sara's Worldwide, "Scrap Yard Screenings", New York, NY
         FWB Fest, "Cinema of Transmission", Curated by Rhizome, Idyllwild, CA
         Wonderville, "Wordhack, Hosted by Todd Anderson", New York, NY
2022     Mery Gates, "Tomb of My Youthful Heart's Desire", New York, NY
         Spring Break Art Fair, "The Speaking Rug", New York, NY
         O'Flaherty's, "The Patriot", New York, NY
         Mery Gates, "Steal My Sunshine", New York, NY

2020     Mery Gates & Hot Air, "Fidi Arsenale", New York, NY

2018     New Museum, "Rhizome Presents: Comp USA Live", New York, NY
         Prix Ars Electronica Exhibition, Linz, AT
         Ars Electronica Animation Festival, Linz AT

2015     Superchief, "STIMULATION OVERLOAD", New York, NY

Selected Performances

2020     Club Cringe, "Jazz II", New York, NY
         Club Cringe, "Jazz", New York, NY

2018     Future Space, "CompUSA Live Episode 8: Too Much Tech", New York, NY
         Outpost Artist Resources, "Confetti Machine", New York, NY
         8Ball, "CompUSA Live Episode 7: Pop Spectacular", New York, NY
         8Ball, "CompUSA Live Episode 6: Livin' In The City", New York, NY
         8Ball, "CompUSA Live Episode 5: Trust No One", New York, NY

2017     8Ball, "CompUSA Live Episode 4: WWWW III", New York, NY
         8Ball, "CompUSA Live Episode 3: Revelations", New York, NY
         8Ball, "CompUSA Live Episode 2: School", New York, NY
         8Ball, "CompUSA Live Episode 1: The West", New York, NY

2015     Superchief, "Liam's Local Variables II", New York, NY
         Superchief, "Liam's Local Variables", New York, NY

2013     Hadas Gallery, "WOLFSHIRT", New York, NY


2021     Rhizome Artbase, "GOBLIN.exe"

2018     Adult Swim, "Data"
        Adult Swim, "Desktop Deltawave"

Selected Collaborations

2017     The New School, "Radical Digital Painting", New York, NY
        Jeffery Scudder & Julia Yerger

2017     Ars Electronica, "Descent.exe", Linz, Austria
        Peter Burr & Forma

Selected Technical Contributions

2018     Museum of the Moving Image, "Dirtscraper", Peter Burr, New York, NY

2017     Tribeca Film Festival, "Blackout", Scatter, New York, NY

2016     Sundance Film Festival, "The Sky is a Gap", Rachel Rossin, New York, NY

2016     Three Legged Dog, "Pattern Language", Peter Burr, New York, NY

2015     MOMA PS1, "Emissary In the Squat of Gods", Ian Cheng, New York, NY

Awards and Related Press
2023     Inside the currents of life, Annette LePique, Chicago Reader
         The Outland Review Vol. 2, Jason Isolini, Outland
         Soft Reset: “Halycon.exe: The Ride”, Frank Geiser, New City Arts
         Mark Fingerhut's Halcyon.exe: The Ride @ SULK Chicago, Chicago Spleen

2018     Ars Electronica Honorable Mention, "Descent.exe", Peter Burr, Linz, AT

2015     Variety Magazine, "110 Students to Watch", Peter Burr, Online