Mark Fingerhut

northwest.exe 2013
custom software 6:18

NORTHWEST is a digital representation of a place that doesn’t exist. A place where the media-saturated individual can stare at a screen as usual, but be confronted with the same peace as taking a long car ride on the highway. I used Processing to attempt to digitally recreate three systems that I personally connect to and create a procedural narrative experience that demanded the viewer to watch all the way through. From the aggressive ambition of the city, to the apocalyptic rainstorm, and the humbling night sky, I wanted to translate these experiences to a medium I felt more comfortable with and one that I feel like I can control.

At the end of the expedition, the program generates a text file, or “travel log” which documents your journal entries throughout your journey. You cannot skip ahead, you cannot click away, you just have to watch and wait. In this way, I hope the viewer actually takes the time to sit, breathe and appreciate the great outdoors and the world of NORTHWEST.

Music by Oneohtrix Point Never and used without permission.

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