Mark Fingerhut

GOBLIN.exe 2019
Attack USB drive with custom software 11:56

executable file

GOBLIN.exe is software that uses real malware techniques to take over the user’s desktop temporarily, only to delete itself upon completion, minutes later.

A desktop poem, or a one-act desktop play, the work choreographs built-in elements of the Windows operating system—including Notepad, error messages, and the command line interface—to tell a story of privacy, the nature of time and memory, and reconciliation with the unstoppable waxing and waning of interpersonal relationships.

Accessioned to Rhizome 2021

2023 Sara's Worldwide, "Scrapyard Screenings", New York, NY
2023 FWB Fest, Curated by Rhizome, Idyllwild, California
2020 Fidi Arsenale. New York, NY