Mark Fingerhut

Pixel Piece (For Rebecca) 2024
Custom software, 4 inch display, ribbon cable, Linux OS

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Paper Mag

This is the smallest piece of software I've ever written. If Halcyon.exe was about the brilliant radiance of mundanity, this is about the perfect minuteness of love.

Love is the tiniest thing. It consumes nothing, weighs nothing, and it goes with every outfit. It permeates all surfaces and you can always take it with you when you pack. It is the easiest thing in the world. Nothing can contain it because it fits through the seams between molecules. It never comes because it never goes. It is smaller than an atom, and in that way, eternal.

2024 Peace & Quiet @ Joe's Convenience, New York, NY
2024 Barley Fair w/ SULK. Chicago, IL